footprint: Calculate carbon footprints from air travel in R

The goal of footprint is to calculate carbon footprints from air travel based on IATA airport codes or latitude and longitude.

STARS and Stripes: Political and Institutional Factors that Affect Higher Education Sustainability Ratings

This research employed stakeholder theory to investigate what factors are associated with institutional and political factors that affect higher education sustainability ratings.

University air travel and greenhouse gas mitigation: An analysis of higher education climate policies

This research used qualitative document analysis to examine the climate policies of 46 public doctoral institutions to understand how they address university air travel greenhouse gas mitigation.

A Document Analysis of University Climate Policies and Air Travel

This project utilize qualitative document analysis to examine the role of flying less as a Scope 3 emissions reduction strategy in various university climate policies

R Handbook for ESM Students

This project entailed development of a `R` resource guide relevant to students in our evaluation, statistics, and measurement PhD program.

Data-Related Jobs for ESM Students

This is an ongoing project to analyze the skills and competencies as expressed in data-related job postings.

Becoming Tidyr over Time

Understanding the development of data visualization skills in an online community of practice.

Fly or Die - The Relationship between Conference Travel, Employability, and the Climate Crisis.

The "Fly or Die" project is a multi-survey research project that looks at the complex relationship between graduate student conference travel, employability, and the climate crisis.

Intensive English Program Student Academic Achievement

A comparison of IEP and directly-admitted students.

Planting the Seeds for Computer Science Education in East Tennessee

The project was focused developing opportunities for K-8 teachers to engage in professional development on the Tennessee computer science standards.