The representation of women and racial/ethnic minorities in the workforce of minority-serving higher education institutions


The purpose of this report is three-fold. First, it aims to provide an overall snapshot of the landscape of MSIs. This report will define the various MSI types, give an overview of their representation among all U.S. higher education institutions, and show their geographic spread across the country. Second, the report will provide a closer examination of racial/ethnic and gender composition of faculty, administrators, professionals, and non-exempt staff using data collected by CUPA-HR’s 2020 higher education workforce surveys. Finally, the report will assess how well the racial/ethnic composition of the higher ed workforce at MSIs reflects their student populations and matches the minority-serving mission of the institutions.

View the interactive report here.

Anthony Schmidt
Data Scientist

My research interests include data science and education. I focus on statistics, research methods, data visualization, and machine learning.