Intensive English Program (IEP) Student Academic Achivement: Comparing IEP and Directly-Admitted International Student GPA


Intensive English programs (IEPs) exist as an additional pathway into higher education for international students who need additional language support before full matriculation. Despite their long history in higher education, there is little research on the effectiveness of these programs. The current research examines the effectiveness of an IEP by comparing IEP students to directly-admitted international students. Results from regression models on first-semester and first-year GPA indicated no significant differences between these two student groups. Follow-up equivalence testing indicated statistical equivalence in several cases. The findings lead to the conclusion that the IEP is effective in helping students perform on par with directly-admitted international students. These findings imply further support for IEPs and alterative pathways to direct admission.

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Anthony Schmidt
Data Scientist

My research interests include data science and education. I focus on statistics, research methods, data visualization, and machine learning.